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 Benefits of a Session with Michele

Movement forward
A good counselor helps you to take an active approach to your own life. Together we look at how you can move forward and gain the momentum you want.

Boost your creativity. 
As a percussionist, musician, and performer, I encourage you to keep your mind open and flexible -- and discover your own rhythm. You become a creative, savvy risk-taker.

Develop your power and strength. 
Attention is given to empowering the third chakra -- your power center. You learn authenticity. I give you tools to clear and raise your energy: affirmations, archetypes, and yoga mudras.

Enjoy better health. 
I'm an advocate for holistic health. I teach you how to connect with your Inner Physician. You'll receive suggestions on flower remedies, homeopathy, gem therapy, vitamins, and supplements.

Harmonize your relationships. 
Establishing right relationship is making life choices that consistently align with your spiritual values.

Access the meaning of signs and symbols. 
In each session, I help you identify the meaning of signs and symbols occurring in your daily life.  This is your daily news feed, telling what is happening and what is getting ready to happen.

With all the varied roles and responsibilities we have today, clear insight becomes essential if we want to lead balanced lives. Checking in with the intuition, yours as well as a trained psychic's, helps restore perspective and outline life's best pathways. New Vision was created to help meet that need.

Michele Anderson, psychic reader

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