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Luminous Architecture Reading

Phone Reading -- (800) 510-3700 or (303) 772-0330

For those who love an uplifting conversation.  Personal, encouraging, motivating, and insightful.   The human voice conveys so much from compassion to joy, bringing particular depth to phone readings.

* 30 min = $108
* 1 hour = $210

Schedule a Phone Reading - Or call 1-800-510-3700

Email Reading --

For those who love the written word.  Email readings are descriptive: I describe the images I see and how this applies specifically to your life.  Convenient for busy schedules.  Private.  Reread your email reading at any time for further clarity.  

I usually send your response within 48 hours.

* Brief (300 words or more) = $98
* In-Depth (800 words or more) = $148

Order an Email Reading

Luminous Architecture Reading & Energy Healing Session

Your Luminous Architecture Session addresses the higher layers in your soul's electromagnetic network.   This is energy work that fully engages us in the inner work necessary to raise consciousness. Plus, we learn how to take care of our energy body, which is not commonly addressed in our material-focused culture. 

"Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential."
~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

I share with you a vision of your energetic body -- what I am calling your "luminous architecture" -- and we use that as a map to better understand your strengths as well as your challenges... and how to improve the energetics of your life. Read more about Luminous Architecture Sessions...

* $225 per Luminous Architecture Reading


* A written report on your Luminous Architecture
45-minute phone session to review your report
* 30-minute follow-up phone session to fine tune your energy healing prescriptions

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Michele Anderson, psychic consultant, psychic educator, psychic, psychic reader, psychic advisor, intuitive, clairvoyant Michele Anderson
(800) 510-3700

- Twenty-two years reading experience
- Specializes in reading signs, symbols, and synchronicities
- Addresses health issues, natural health, and encourages health advocacy

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