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About Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson, psychic consultant, psychic educator, psychic, psychic reader, psychic advisor, intuitive, clairvoyantWho am I?

I have been doing psychic readings since 1987. I started as a part-time healer, but intuitive insights kept popping up and that soon became the focus of my work. For thirteen years now, I've been working in my virtual office offering phone and email readings.

Astrology: Leo Sun and Cancer Moon

Interests: African drumming, metaphysics, dancing, movies, mountains, oceans, Buddhism, healing arts, transformational psychology, shamanism, Native American traditions, Samoyed dogs, chocolate (which my husband makes), world music, Europe, and cobblestone pathways.

Deliberations: Planetary consciousness and evolution, quantum physics and shifting realities, prosperity and transforming global economics, art imitating life, film as cultural dreams, waking dreams, language of intuition, healing remedies for body/mind/spirit, Buddhism and taming the mind, other dimensions, heeding the call of spirit, power of prayer, and all that's sacred.

What I'm passionate about in my work:
  • Helping you create your future more than foretelling your future.
    Destiny is driven by choice and awareness. We are co-creators with the Divine, not victims of circumstance. We get trapped into thinking our life is fixed when it’s full of options. I’m here to help you reconnect with choice, awareness, and a multitude of options.
  • Teaching you how to trust your own intuition.
    We are taught to hand authority over to others (parents, bosses, government officials... and, yes, even psychics). When we learn to trust ourselves, we begin to heal our lives, our culture, and our planet. We become dynamic, aware beings fully engaged in the world. Trusting your own intuition is a powerful way to recognize true authority -- within yourself.
  • Translating the soul's language.
    I see the intuition as standard operating equipment, a natural part of being human. We all have visions, dreams, and experience synchronicities. The intuition is a symbolic language and we tend to get lost in the translation. I serve as your translator helping you understand intuitive messages and how they apply directly to your life.

Michele currently lives in the Boulder, Colorado area with her husband, Ivan, and their fluffy Samoyed dog, Koda.  Michele loves studying music and rhythm, and began her study of African drumming in 2005.  She performs in an African drumming group called the 'DJO' (Djembe Orchestra) at local venues. 


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