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New Vision Psychic Radio Podcast

Psychic Radio Podcast

Psychic Radio Podcast

New Vision Psychic Radio is an audio podcast with Michele Anderson. Each program explores psychic ability, dreams, synchronicity, and spirituality -- often with exercises to heighten your intuition and understanding, along with a healthy dose of Michele's humor and wisdom.

A new program is available every 1 - 2 weeks

What is a Podcast?

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is basically a radio program made available over the Internet. You can manually download the audio file or sign up for a free subscription where your computer automatically downloads the audio file every time a new program is available. You can then listen to the program on your computer or iPod.

How does a Podcast work?

All you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Get a Podcast player
  • Step 2: 'Subscribe' to the New Vision Psychic Radio Podcast.
  • And then let your computer automatically download each new podcast. That's it!

Step 1:

Get a Podcast Player

Podcast Players

Several Podcast programs are available for free, including:

iTunes - Win/Mac
iPodder (and iPodderX) - Win/Mac
BlogMatrix Jäger - Win/Mac

Step 2:

Subscribe to the Podcast

Subscribing with iTunes and Other Podcast Players

Copy the text field below (or right-click on the image and copy the link):

New Vision Psychic Radio Podcast

Then switch to your podcast program, select the 'subscribe' button or menu item (in iTunes, it is under the 'Advanced' menu), and paste that text into the appropriate field.

That's it! You're now subscribed. Just let your podcast program automatically download the daily poem podcast each time a new one is posted.

Note: If you accidentally left-click on the logo, you'll be taken to a page of unformatted text and code. Ignore that and just click the Back button on your browser.

Theme Music

Our theme music is Freedom Calls by The Wimshurst's Machine from the CD A Traveller Who Didn't Ask for Glory.

The Wimshurst's Machine
A Traveller Who Didn't Ask for Glory

Music that tells a story about an ancient traveler who obtained glory while he was searching for himself across the world. A mix of electronic and acoustic chillout/ambient/jazz/new age music, with amazing Irish voices.

Listen - Purchase

You can find out more about the The Wimshurst's Machine at their website:



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