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Language of Intuition Training Program


The Language of Intuition Training Program gives you regular, one-to-one guidance and instruction in cultivating your intuition and developing methods to apply it in your work and daily life.

You will receive in-depth, personal guidance four times a month, with some follow-up communication in between via email. It is structured to offer the most direct training possible without requiring you to travel to a workshop or drastically alter your schedule.

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Language of Intuition Training Program Outline

1st month -- Opening the gate; activating the intuitive mind

Class #1 -- The importance of establishing a receptive state of mind to attune to the language of intuition

  1. Establishing the inner sanctum; quieting the mind like a reflective pool; the importance of meditation (inner quiet)

  2. Invocation; asking for help and protection from the inner worlds (guides, deities, animal totems, etc.); prayer (asking for divine help) in one's life practice

  3. Maintaining the integrity of your own energy field; gut cleansing

Class #2 -- The art of perception

  1. The significance of metaphor and pun in daily life

  2. Observation power tools; 1st and 2nd attention

  3. Unveiling the masks that people wear; decoding their meaning

  4. The nature of the unseen world

2nd month -- The language of intuition: symbols and imagery

Class #3 -- Symbolism -- Part 1

  1. How the Universe beckons our attention: the dialogue

  2. Numbers & shapes; the architects of the Universe

  3. The animal world as spiritual teacher

Class #4 -- Symbolism -- Part 2

  1. Bodyspeak; what the body says that words do not

  2. Colors & chakras (energy systems)

  3. Time and cycles (spiritual curriculum and the tides of change)

3rd month -- Preparation for hands-on work with clients

Class #5 -- Accessing intuitive information

  1. Establishing an "inner temple" for directing clairvoyance

  2. Extracting symbols from the inner temple; how to interpret them

  3. Paying attention to signs that appear in sessions and other times

  4. Activating your inner hearing to receive meaningful messages

Class #6 -- Delivery of intuitive information to your client

  1. Using intuitive imagery to bring the session to life

  2. Use of language in sessions, avoiding "New Age" terms or jargon

  3. Establishing client rapport: listening, acknowledging, guiding

  4. Ethics; when to say what you know, when not to

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