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Language of Intuition Defined


  1. the direct knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning; immediate understanding

  2. something known or learned in this way

  3. the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning.

    --Webster's New World College Dictionary

I'd like to propose an alternate definition of intuition:

The Language of Intuition is a special language like English, German, or French with its own vocabulary and structure. This language is composed of imagery and symbolism that serve to guide the soul's evolution.

The Language of Intuition has its own patterns and framework similar to a vocalized language. This language uses symbols and imagery, as well as words and phrases. This imagery works as an active vocabulary that carries meaning, working to bring guidance to the forefront of our awareness.

Intuition: From Enigma to Essential Tool

Our culture has viewed the intuition as an enigma. When it is given any credibility at all, it is thought to be an unsolvable riddle.

We typically ignore our intuition in favor of its powerful compliment — logic. But to follow logic alone without the balancing guidance of intuition too often leads to disastrous consequences.

Logic as a way of formulating a solution can be mathematical, precise. Intuition is more holographic; it captures layers of meaning all at once. Logic is the zoom camera lens, and intuition is the wide-angle lens. Logic may be able to minutely focus in on its subject, but it lacks peripheral vision.

The intuition is only an enigma until we uncover practical methods to work with it.

Principles of the Language of Intuition

Studying the intuition is learning a sacred language.

Any language gives you a key, access to another culture. Learning any language helps you to understand the culture behind it. Intuition has its own vocabulary composed of symbols and imagery. Intuition is a form of intercommunication between the individual and the Divine, giving the individual guidance, inspiration, and signposts along the trail of life experience.

The art of dreaming is the intuition at work.
The intuition sees no separation between dreaming during the night and waking awareness during the day. Asleep or awake, the intuition continues to "dream." As we begin to master the art of translating the language of our dreams at night, we begin to recognize parallels with events in our lives during the day. As we begin to build a vocabulary of dream symbols, we begin to recognize that vocabulary still at work, communicating with us throughout the day as well. We can engage our intuition by studying our dreams in a class, through journal writing, in therapy.

Symbols, the vocabulary of intuition, convey meaningful messages.
The appearance of unusual events marks an act of intuition: a message alert. Symbols act as a dialogue that starts by saying "Pay attention to this," like the signs that appear as you are driving on the highway.

Intuition relies on metaphor and even pun to communicate.
The stuff of life is the fodder for intuition. Reflected in your physical world are aspects of yourself; intuition is the talking mirror. Your kitchen is not only where you eat, but how you nurture yourself. Your computer is not just a database, but represents your thinking process. Your spouse is not just your partner, but reflects what you are learning and balancing in yourself. If your house is falling apart, you may be confronted with health issues. If your public library is expanding, the community at its heart wants to expand its knowledge and wisdom.

Activating the intuition requires a shift in attention.
We can take some lessons here from the artist studying an object. The artist looks at the space around the object as much as the object itself. An artist must see what the casual viewer takes for granted. To work with the intuition is to interact with the world in a higher state of awareness with the anticipation that each moment holds a gift of meaning.

Intuition is action-oriented and pragmatic.
Its purpose is fulfilled when you have the necessary information to make a wiser choice, or your vision is expanded to encourage a deeper relationship with another human being, or you just know yourself better. Intuition can show you the course you are on and how to change course. You can be shown the potential outcomes of more than one life direction. The intuition keeps us safe, awake and alert as we encounter life's twists and turns.

Intuition is a primary vehicle for communication.
The intuition is telepathic; guidance is transferred via imagery. Imagery captures feeling, meaning, and the guiding intent. This imagery reveals itself in dreams as well as unusual events in our lives.

Intuition unifies all people and all things.
Its main instruction is that we are all connected. Life is a spiritual metaphor: The people and the events in our lives are teachers. Even the events in other people's lives are teachers.



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