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Language of Intuition Training Program
Individual Coaching Sessions


With a Language of Intuition Coaching Session, you can select a self-directed single session or small series of sessions within the Language of Intuition Training Program. This is ideal if you want to focus on a specific aspect of the language of intuition, without going through the entire training program. It is also excellent for advanced work in a specialized area of study and awareness.

This program is designed for anyone who sincerely desires to deepen his or her intuitive awareness. Beginners and professional intuitives alike will find the sessions helpful.

Exercises and spiritual practices will be suggested in your sessions to help support the learning process.

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Format and Price

Language of Intuition Coaching is conducted via 50-minute phone discussions. Your phone sessions can be scheduled regularly or set up one at a time, in order to best fit your schedule.

(Please contact me at least a few days in advance with the area you want to focus on, so I can prepare any additional training materials.)

There is no minimum number of sessions. We can work together for many sessions or only a few, depending on your goals.

This is different from correspondence courses that offer only limited contact with the teacher. You will receive personal feedback and guidance suited to your particular needs and focus.

Each private 50-minute session is $95.

Possible Areas of Focus

Prior to each session, we must decide on an area of the intuition that we want to focus on.

Areas of focus might include:

1. Reading Signs and Symbols
Signs and symbols are the language of intuition. Learn how to recognize and interpret them. Widen your intuitive vocabulary; observe the pun and metaphor of daily life.

2. Clairvoyance
Develop practices to activate your inner vision. Learn to give form to your interior psychic landscape, allowing you to more easily recognize and interpret intuitive imagery.

3. Clairaudience
Activate your inner hearing and learn how to listen for auditory messages.

4. Invoking the Sacred
This is essential to keep you aligned with the Higher Will, which keeps the gates open for you to receive guidance beyond your own personal bias. Invoking the sacred also is a way of calling in protection.

5. Delivering Intuitive Information
There is an art to giving out intuitive information. The language and tone must be descriptive, pragmatic, supportive, and inspiring. Integrate counseling into your readings.

6. Grounding, Cleansing and Self-Protection
Learn how to maintain the integrity of your own energy system. Even energy fields gather dust. They need cleaning to maintain clear reception.

7. Self-Care
Healers and intuitives of all sorts need a self-care program, a way of giving back to themselves. It is our nature to give, but we also need to replenish our energy on a regular basis.

8. Intuition Ethics
Sometimes you will know things before a person is ready to know them. Discern when to speak up, when to be quiet. Also, learn different ways to say the same thing in order to modify its impact.

Or, suggest your own area of focus! This is a self-designed coaching program, and your input is essential!

Intuition Practices and Exercises

As part of the coaching process, we will work together to help you develop exercises and practices that allow you to more naturally work with different aspects of your intuition.

Being intuitive is about being a keen observer. You will learn how to observe in many contexts, developing ways of culling intuitive information.

Recommended practices might include:

  1. Meditation -- cultivating a quiet and receptive mind

  2. Prayer -- asking for divine help

  3. Visualization -- giving form to your interior psychic landscape

  4. Observation exercises may be given. These exercises are experiential.

  5. Symbol Journal -- a record of dream symbols and daytime symbols, developing a personal symbolic vocabulary

  6. Spiritual Growth Journal -- what are you learning about yourself?

  7. Book recommendation lists will be given, helping you to build your own metaphysical resource library

Not a Psychic Reading

This program is not a substitute for psychic readings. Language of Intuition Coaching is specifically for refining your own intuitive skills. It is a one-to-one discussion and coaching process. Readings require more intensive preparation, meditation, prayer work, and energetic focus. If you are interested in receiving a reading, I am happy to do that, but it will require a separate appointment at a different rate.

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