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Reading Guidelines

My goal is to offer more than a few quick answers by expanding your outlook and facilitating change. A good reading encourages self-examination. We are not here to just live a life, but to pause and consider how we are living.

A reading is a two-way street: A good reading requires that we both participate. The more aware you are of the issues and questions you have, the more effective the reading. Your mental focus guides my inner vision to pinpoint the information you need right now.

A reading is not a substitute for regular psychotherapy or other kinds of professional assistance (medical, legal, intervention). I will refer you to the appropriate agencies where you can get further help as needed.

Occasionally, people call to test my abilities. What color hair does he have? How tall is he? What color car does he drive? These questions are okay, but you are spending your time and money to confirm what you already know. This limits the depth, and therefore, the value of the reading.

For some, the reassurance that you're talking to a real psychic is important. However, I encourage an open mind. We'll make more progress and you'll gain more insight.

If you are considering asking for a general reading, ask yourself what life areas are most important to you right now. Without a focus to the reading, I will still receive pertinent information, but not always in the specific area you hoped for. Remember, you are not a passive participant in the reading.

Please read How to Prepare for a Reading. An important part of the reading is setting the space beforehand. The attitudes we bring to the table make all the difference.

Appointments are strongly recommended for phone readings. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please give me a courtesy call to let me know you can't make it, and we can reschedule.

You must be 18 years of age or older for me to work with you. I ask everyone for their birthdate to verify age.

All information shared in a reading is confidential.

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Michele Anderson, psychic consultant, psychic educator, psychic, psychic reader, psychic advisor, intuitive, clairvoyant Michele Anderson
(800) 510-3700

- Twenty-two years reading experience
- Specializes in reading signs, symbols, and synchronicities
- Addresses health issues, natural health, and encourages health advocacy

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