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Luminous Architecture Reading
and Energy Healing Session

Are you feeling in limbo or stuck, and you'd like to make a shift?

Are you ready for an energy tune-up, and some remedies to support your inner self?

Would you like to raise your energy and your consciousness? 

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Luminous Architecture Reading - $225
(includes written report and two phone sessions)

Your Luminous Architecture Session addresses the higher layers in your soul's electromagnetic network.   This is energy work that fully engages us in the inner work necessary to raise consciousness. Plus, we learn how to take care of our energy body, which is not commonly addressed in our material-focused culture.

"Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential."
~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

Schedule a Luminous Architecture Reading

Luminous ArchitectureI share with you a vision of your energetic body -- what I am calling your "luminous architecture" -- and we use that as a map to better understand your strengths as well as your challenges... and how to improve the energetics of your life.  If you want to get an idea of how the structures of your luminous body appear to the third eye, I highly recommend taking a look at some of the paintings by Alex Grey

For example, where there is a misalignment or "short circuit" in your luminous body, I see "folds" where the electromagnetic circuitry disconnected, which prevents the energy from flowing easily in that area of your life. There is usually a predominant energy pattern that is causing havoc. I identify this pattern and describe it for you. Then, I recommend a series of energy medicine prescriptions for tuning your energy field. 

Energy prescriptions may include:

~ Switchwords (one-word affirmations):
repatterns the mind; helps you shape your destiny -- your mind is a sculptor

~ Gem Therapy (treats specific energy centers):
clears stagnant energies and anchors new beneficial energies into the luminous body

~ Symbol Infusion (imagery for transformation):
heals and transform the psyche (soothing and calming); activates deeper understanding of symbols as a language

~ Flower Essences (homeopathic treatment):
balances the emotional and astral body; emotional alchemy -- emotions transform from confusion into practical wisdom and clarity

** I will make additional energy work suggestions as needed.

Benefits of a Luminous Architecture session:

~ opens your perception
~ clears your magnetic field
~ increases your ability to manifest
~ increases joy and happiness
~ strengthens immunity
~ strengthens intuition
~ harmonizes all aspects of your life
~ changes your position from passenger to driver; you shape the results in your own life

This is ultimately a tool for conscious evolution of the Soul.

With this service you receive:

  • A written report on your Luminous Architecture
    - Description of your Luminous Architecture
    - Energy Healing recommendations
  • 45-minute phone session to review your report
  • 30-minute follow-up phone session to fine tune your energy healing prescriptions

You'll receive a Luminous Architecture report via email that we review together by phone in a 45-minute session.  Within three weeks, we have a follow-up phone session to assess your initial results and work together to fine-tune your energy medicine prescriptions.   The fee for this service is $225. 

Focusing on healing yourself replenishes your energy, and is an act of self-love. 

Together We Can Make A Difference!


Michele Anderson, psychic consultant, psychic educator, psychic, psychic reader, psychic advisor, intuitive, clairvoyant Michele Anderson
(800) 510-3700

- Twenty-two years reading experience
- Specializes in reading signs, symbols, and synchronicities
- Addresses health issues, natural health, and encourages health advocacy

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