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How to Prepare for a Reading

I recommend these procedures for e-mail, mail and fax readings, as well as phone readings. You can do them before you send the reading request to me. I follow similar steps before every type of reading.

Set the space.
Find a quiet, private place where we both know we can talk. Pretend you're having a confidential, important conversation with a trusted friend.

Avoid calling while you are in transit: in your car, entering the grocery store, at the airport. Such movement creates psychic static--a noisy channel that makes it hard to hear the truth for both of us.

The best space is sacred, attentive, a place where we look at, honor and concentrate on your life. After all, your life deserves special attention.

Clear your mind of the day-to-day stuff.
I recommend that you take 5 minutes before the reading begins and relax. Quiet your thoughts, take some deep breaths. Put all the events of the day aside in some kind of mental container and close the hatch.

Focus on your question.
The more you know what you want from a reading, the better the results. If you feel vague, focus on us identifying key issues and pathways for you, and we can proceed from there.

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Michele Anderson, psychic consultant, psychic educator, psychic, psychic reader, psychic advisor, intuitive, clairvoyant Michele Anderson
(800) 510-3700

- Twenty-two years reading experience
- Specializes in reading signs, symbols, and synchronicities
- Addresses health issues, natural health, and encourages health advocacy

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